Beautiful wines from beautiful vineyards

Technical information

Varieties, production and aging of our wines

The vineyards

Located in the province of Toledo, at more than 800 meters above sea level, these are vineyards between 30 and 50 years old, planted in glass on mainly calcareous soils in rigorous dry land. They are organically very poor soils, with low yield and high quality.

The presentation

Bottled in a light burgundy bottle for a lower impact on transport, the cap is a derivative of 100% sustainable and biodegradable sugar cane - Zero carbon footprint. No capsule is used to avoid the use of plastic or aluminum products. FSC label made of sustainably sourced paper. Packaging: recycled cardboard box of 6 units closed by paper seal (0 plastics)

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New labels

We present the new labels of our wines. Following suggestions from our customers and distributors, we have made the labels a little more 'informative'. Do you like them?