World's most sustainable wines

at RUUUTS we do this:

Minimal intervention

We produce high-quality, minimum intervention wines. Low alcohol, organic, and vegan

Minimum impact I

We offset 200% of the carbon footprint from our company's activities

Minimum Impact II

We offset 200% of the CO2 footprint of the items we purchase (bottles, labels, etc.)

Minimum Impact III

We offset 100% of the transportation emissions of our wines to our customers


At this stage, our wines are NET-ZERO by the time they are delivered to our customers

How do we do that?

With a total reforestation of 2,600 hectares of forests in Cantabria

'One More Thing'

Additionally, we plant a tree for every case of wine sold, on behalf of our customers


Thus, our wines have a negative CO2 footprint, offsetting our customers' emissions

Environmental certificate

We certify to our customers on a monthly basis the planting and CO2 absorption on their behalf

And this is the result:

each box of RUUUTS has a NEGATIVE carbon footprint of more than 1 Ton of Co2 removed from the atmosphere

Our sustainability standards

Glass bottle

We use the lightest glass bottle possible to minimize the impact on transportation


We use sugar cane closures from sustainable development fields. Zero CO2 footprint


We do not use capsules to avoid the use of aluminum or plastic in our wines

Paper and paperboard

The paper of the labels and cardboard boxes are FSC certified from sustainable development forests.

Zero plastics

We close the boxes and strap the pallets with FSC certified stretch paper to make shipments to our Zero Plastic clients.

For every case of Ruuuts, we plant a tree that will absorb a ton of co2 from the atmosphere

1 x 1 = -1

only in ruuuts

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Thanks for the confidence. We continue.

In the following article, Almudena Martín from the Repsol Guide, echoes our project and some restaurants that already trust Ruuuts as their wines by the glass

Pilar Cavero - Best Sommelier in Spain 2014

About Ruuuts 6

"The perfect sparkling wine exists and it is called Ruuuts 6"

Amaya Cervera - National Gastronomy Award 2023

About Ruuuts 1

"Fresh, direct, with very moderate alcohol and a pleasant saline finish. You can reach it both by philosophy and by its flavor"

Eric Vicente - Head Sommelier Cinc Sentits **

About Ruuuts 4

All-terrain red wine. You will succeed with friends, cousins ​​and in-laws. Forest fruits dancing with light notes of aging and sweet spices. Ideal for a drink

Santi Rivas - Decanted Collective

About Ruuuts 5

"Its red fruit is thunderous and reminiscent of a red wine from the French Rhône"

Carmen Martínez de Artola - Gastronomic Journalist

About Ruuuts 2

Aromatics that border on the romantic. Songs that caress the persistent senses that refuse to extinguish. Flowery perseverance.

Federico Oldenburg - Gastronomic Journalist

About Ruuuts 6

Aging for 30 months and a subtle dosage result in a cheerful bubble wine, with soul and freshness, which is drunk with enthusiasm.

Almudena Martín - Repsol Guide

About Ruuuts 1 and Ruuuts 2

...with 1 being the most playful, “narrower, sharper and with a high acidity that is good for an after-hours drink.” The 2 goes up one more step with "the Airén as the protagonist that provides fat and wideness in the mouth"

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New labels

We present the new labels of our wines. Following suggestions from our customers and distributors, we have made the labels a little more 'informative'. Do you like them?

No matter how you look at it... Ruuuts