Our environmental plan

Plastic-free reforestation

2,600 hectares

In a project that consists of three phases, the objective is reforestation with native oaks and chestnut trees, along with pollination apiaries of 2,600 hectares of forest located in the Campoo de Yuso region, in Cantabria. The maximum reforestation for this area is around one million trees


Recover the landscape
Absorb and compensate for CO2
Produce Oxygen
Purify the Air
Fertilize and regenerate soil nutrients
Keep rivers clean
Capture water for aquifers
Provide refuges for wildlife
Reduce average soil temperature

...and bees, MANY BEES

Trees 4 Humanity

Our environmental partner

NGO focused on environmental conservation. It has developed a biodegradable system that avoids the use of millions of plastics and generates employment for women at risk of exclusion, within the manufacturing of its biodegradable pots based on algae and banana leaves.

Goal 2028


planted trees

in our environmental project


tons of co2

absorbed from the atmosphere