Circular Sustainability

Sostenibilidad Circular

The concept of sustainability, as we understand it today, is relatively young; It's a concept from the late '80s, around the time the movie 'Back to the Future' was released in theaters.

The concept of the circular economy, although it seems to have gained strength in recent years, was born a little before even the sustainability of which we are talking, and saw the light for the first time in 1980.

Both concepts, like almost any current of thought, are born in opposition to existing concepts that seem to have worked a little too well, at least for a few idealists.

The circular economy was born in opposition to the traditional linear economy system -extraction-manufacturing-transportation-use-end-, to promote production and consumption that demand less raw material, which involves recycling, reusing and sharing. And the concept of sustainability is born in opposition to unsustainability, to the unsustainable. to the unsustainable.

Forty-odd years later, the promises are still for the future and the horizons are still 2030 and 2050 when we talk about emission reductions and climate action plans. Meanwhile, oceans of greenwashing and twisted words to spread sustainability makeup. inconcretion

The United Nations launched an action plan called 'One Trillion Trees' some time ago because it seems that reforestation done well (it is essential to say 'well done') is a key factor in the fight against climate change that plagues and threatens the planet . 'One Trillion Trees' is many trees. A lot of.

We are wine people and we are in a sector, the hospitality industry, which has been especially battered by the Covid crisis. The hangover still lasts for many.

However, it occurred to us that what a great story it would be if a sector especially affected by a terrible crisis led an initiative - concrete, measurable and executable - that added everything possible to the plan proposed by the United Nations to save us from what seems like an Armageddon as a Grand piano. Because we already know that unfortunately good old Bruce Willis won't be able to give us a hand this time.

A kiss, Bruce.

So we came up with RUUUTS.
And it occurred to us to try to involve the hospitality sector in helping to change the world through the purchase of a very good product at a very good price. Just like that. Blessed house wines. Good wines by the glass. Damn hippie initiatives.

It occurred to us to make beautiful wines and bring them to the market in the most sustainable way possible. 

Make it seem like we were never here. We don't want to leave a mark.
And now that everyone can choose the label with which they are offered. Freedom!
And the subscription model seemed to us like the DeLorean that would lead us to a sustainable and circular future.

Each box of Ruuuts wine is associated with the planting of a tree within the framework of a project developed by Trees 4 Humanity where we have the possibility of reforesting 2,600 hectares for a maximum of one million trees planted in Campoo de Yuso, Cantabria .

There will also be bees, lots of bees. Because they are fundamental and we like them.

Our goal, 100,000 trees planted by the end of 2028.

And lots of bees.

Who's in?

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Las abejas molan.

Las abejas molan mogollón
Pues polen recogen y miel dan
Los arboles, flores cobijan,
Sombra dan, según la estación,
Y aire limpian, sin galardón.
Son Frutos, hojas, y ramas
Sus adörnos y ropas.
De lo mineral se nutren
Y dello nutren al animal *
De sus raices y sus copas.

Décimas del PPF

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