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“…because it is the following. For we came out of the cave, and looked over the hill, and saw the fire; We crossed the ocean, explored the west and conquered the sky. The history of man is hung on a timeline of exploration, and this is what follows…”

Sam Seaborn* - On why we conquered Mars


The morning this whole gastronomy thing started, we mastered the fire. And we cook. And we developed agriculture and shortly after, livestock. And we smoke and preserve. And we ferment. And we learned to write and left prehistory behind. Mesopotamia, Egypt, Palestine, Greece and Rome. And the French Revolution because it's going that fast. And we created restaurants and we don't stop writing gastronomy books. And Appert's hermeticism. And Haute Cuisine. And the electricity. And refrigeration and freezing. We invented the microwave because anyone has a bad day. And the sauces. And Nouvelle Cuisine. And we publish the Michelin Guide. And fast food. And we can eat everything all year round from anywhere on the planet. And we probably also developed junk food because the Fentanyl people have their family tree. But EVOO and ham. We develop the concept of ecological. And the new Basque cuisine. And we publish the Repsol Guide. And fusion and molecular cuisine. And we became vegetarians, macrobiotics and vegans. Or we continue eating meat. But animal welfare. And sustainability started to sound good. And we bet on KM0 foods. And we decided to remove preservatives from almost everything. And we developed the SLOW current as the antithesis of the speed at which everything has developed in recent times and the ZERO thought that has been given to the consequences of how everything has developed. And now perhaps it's time to ask ourselves that if after so much frenzy the SLOW came... what's next?

Next is Zero. Zero Emissions.
We must aspire to zero emissions.
We must aspire not to leave any trace.
We must inspire others to zero emissions; Inspire others not to leave any trace.

Do chefs in gastronomic restaurants have the ability to influence other professionals in the trade and future chefs?

As an example and button of this possible influence, it is enough to observe how many restaurants, both so-called gastronomic and non-gastronomic, use a piece of slate as a plate on which to put their food even decades after it occurred to Ferran Adrià.

Our maximum bet is to reforest an area of ​​2,600 hectares with one million trees.
The success of the bet would mean an absorption of 1,178,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in 20 years.

As? Helping restaurants become ZERO EMISSIONS

Because it is the following

* Sam Seaborn - The West Wing - 'Galileo' - S2 E9

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